Eric Marcotte 2013 Tour of Scottsdale Winner – click here!!!

by Eatmore Cheesecake

Congrats to our UC rider Dr. Eric Marcotte (chiropractor) who now has back to back wins at the Tour of Scottsdale!  He actually races for ELBOWZ RACING which is a domestic pro team out of Texas. How did the race play out?

Well after over 1000 riders started the 70 mile race at a medium pace, Eric went to the front and strung it out about a mile or two into the race (which was good because it kept it safe through a very narrow neighborhood).  After that section, he got away with a couple others on Scottsdale road, stayed away on Carefree road, Pima road, up the Dynamite hill, and then decided to clip in the other foot and was never to be seen again as he solo’d by himself for the win!  (oh yea and that includes him stopping in Fountain hills for a farmers market where he bought some organic vegetables and fruit – then after that stop he went over the Shea hill and rode home briefly to let his dog Nani out to pee. Then after letting her back inside and locking up the house, he got back onto the course and finished by himself for the win).

You know why Eric is so fast and you are so slow?  Because while you are reading this, he is on his bike!

Come on out and congratulate him at the UC on Tuesday nights where he can be found quite often!  Tour de Tucson is in November where he has won 2 years in a row against 5000 riders!  Will he win again?  My money is on him.

Nice job Eric!  He’s got a great Facebook page with some great advice if you want to follow him!

Quote from a UC rider that finished in the lead group after the finish line of the Tour of Scottsdale:

“So there is 75 of us chasing Eric and we are doing 40 mph downhill and we can’t catch him.  What is he doing 50?”