2013 USA Crit Championship Series!!! Click Here!

by Eatmore Cheesecake

Wanna know where the big boys and girls will be racing in 2013?  See below!

These are the biggest crit races in the Nation in 2013 so if you happen to be traveling in one of these states during one of these events, make sure to go watch!

Notice you don’t have to drive too far on March 9th, 2013 if you live in Arizona!

Most of these races put up 25,000 bucks or more in prize money too.  Sometimes the winner gets 3000 bucks just for crossing the line first?!  Thats a nice payday for 90 minutes of riding your bike!


2013 USA CRITS Championship Series

March 9: Old Pueblo Grand Prix, Tucson, Arizona
March 23: Delray Beach Twilight, Delray Beach, Florida
April 13: Presbyterian Hospital Invitational, Charlotte, North Carolina
April 27: Athens Twilight, Athens, Georgia
May 11: Tour de Grove, St. Louis, Missouri
June 1: Glencoe Grand Prix, Chicago, Illinois
July 6: Iron Hill Twilight Criterium, West Chester, Pennsylvania
July 13: Exergy Twilight Criterium, Boise, Idaho
August 25: Chris Thater Memorial, Binghamton, New York
September 20: USA CRITS FINALS, Las Vegas, Nevada


Last race in Vegas?  Gambling, drinking, and cycling!!!  The good news is I have 10 months to convince my wife …. the bad news is she just walked in the room as I was typing this, glanced at what I wrote, said no, and walked out.