The Groups


7:15 p.m

The A group goes 2 neutral laps and then they drop the hammer. If you get dropped, stay to the FAR right, wait for the group to come around and feel free to jump back in.

With 2 laps to go, if you have been lapped, do the right thing and let the A riders that have not been dropped, sprint for the line…..(Don’t be that guy!)

Fasten your seatbelt and try to hold on for dear life. Try not to vomit either. No one wants to see that.  National Crit and Road Race Champion Eric Marcotte (Elbowz racing) shows up for the A ride.  If you don’t know who he is, you will soon.



6:30 p.m

The B group goes 5 neutral laps before it picks up speed. It goes for about 35 minutes, and then 5 laps to go will be called. This is for beginners, casual cyclists, juniors, and people looking to get some exercise in.  If you find yourself off the front, attacking constantly, and not even breaking a sweat, here is a newsflash for you,  You are not a B rider!

Feel free to sprint on the final lap, as long as you are alert and keep a safe line (remember to stay to the left if you are sprinting).

Any categorized racer can sit on the back of the B group to warm up, but you must be DEAD LAST! You cannot mix it up in the middle or front of the B group. Let the B riders enjoy their ride.