B Group

6:30 p.m

The B group goes 5 neutral laps before it picks up speed. It goes for about 35 minutes, and then we will shut down the ride sometime between 7:00 – 7:15 p.m..  In order to keep it safe, there will be no sprint.   This is for beginners, casual cyclists, and people looking to get some exercise in.  If you find yourself off the front, attacking constantly, and not even breaking a sweat, here is a newsflash for you,  You are not a B rider!

Any categorized racer (if you race, you are automatically an “A rider”) can sit on the back of the B group to warm up, but you must be dead last.  If the group is very large, we will separate the B group from the A group so the A group can warm up safely away from the B group (2 groups on the course at once).  This should allow the B riders enjoy their ride.