Phoenix Rides

** These are group rides! No permits, no insurance, you are riding at your own risk! If you crash, no one is picking up your medical bills!  If you don’t like the sound of that, then don’t participate in these!

** Front and rear lights REQUIRED for any night time ride in Arizona!  IT IS THE LAW !!!




UNDERGROUND CRIT (AKA UC) – Uh.. if you haven’t figured out where and when this ride is from this website, you are officially “that guy”.  UNFORTUNATELY – the LAST UC WILL BE APRIL 7TH 2015! We are taking a break to let the construction develop and will re-evaluate October 2015.

GAINEY RANCH RIDE (Scottsdale, AZ) – Meets on Doubletree Road at the Gainey Club which is just a couple side streets East of Scottsdale Road on Doubletree road (74th way to be exact). TUESDAY and THURSDAY MORNING ride. This ride leaves very early, usually about 5:30 a.m. in the summers and about 6-6:30 in the winters. Tuesday’s group goes into Paradise Valley and Arcadia area and loops around Camelback Mountain. Thursday’s ride heads East up Linda Vista road (uphill all the way for the first half of the ride. Downhill on the way back). Tuesday is FLAT AND FAST. Thursday is UPHILL and FAST. Both rides about 75-90 minutes. If you are out of shape or a non racer, it will be hard to hang on! Contact the Gainey Ranch Club for start times or ask a cyclist. (  Route has changed a bit in 2014 on the Tuesday ride!  Close to 80 riders as of June 2014.  RIDE STILL GOING STRONG AS OF MARCH 2015!

SWISS AMERICAN RIDE (Glendale, AZ) – Meets at the shop at 7 p.m. on Tuesday nights and the ride does loops until about 8 p.m. in the Bell Air Estates neighborhood across the street from the shop.  Shop is at Bell Road and 43rd ave (Northwest Phoenix).  Check their website or the shop for details. (

LIFETIME FITNESS RIDE (North Scottsdale, AZ) – Usually in the summers leaves at 5:30 a.m. from the Lifetime at the 101 Freeway / Scottsdale Road and Mayo Blvd.  As of June 2014, about 30 in the group.  1 hour ride that goes up Bell and loops back through DC ranch, up Pima, and East on Pinnacle Peak road.  As of March 2015 – about 20 in the group.



FLAT TIRE MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDES (Cave Creek, AZ) – “Flat Tire Bike Shop” in Cave Creek does a Wednesday night mountain bike ride and a Sunday morning mountain bike ride. Lights required for the night ride!!  Call the shop for details. Sometimes the Wednesday night ride will have over 30 mountain bike riders on it.

AIRPARK BIKES ride (Scottsdale, AZ) – Ride leaves WEDNESDAY nights from their shop.  6:15 B ride, 7:00 A ride.  B ride does 1, 9 mile loop.  A ride does two, 9 mile loops that head North into the DC Ranch area and back down to the shop.  LIGHTS A MUST!  Contact the shop for details.  Usually about 10-20 riders as of March 2015.



STETSON LOOPS RIDE (North Phoenix)  - Ride Leaves Deem Hills park in the Stetson Valley Neighborhood (Neighborhood West of Happy Valley road – at 51st avenue).  Park is below the mountain (look for the soccer fields with the stadium lights).  2 mile loops.  1 mile neutral, 1 mile a race to the top of a 1% climb.  As of  March 2015 THIS RIDE IS GROWING!  Come on out.  Starts at 7:00 p.m. and goes for 1 hour.  We do 5 loops.  About 20 riders consistently out there as of March 2015.

TRIBE Ride (Central Phoenix) – Ride leaves Tribe Multisport Bike shop every THURSDAY night at 7:10 p.m. They do two, 21 mile loop laps. 1 group that turns into an A and B group. Some riders do a 3rd loop. Map on their website ( and LIGHTS REQUIRED. As of March 2015 about 25 riders and now they head into Paradise Valley I believe.

GAINEY RANCH RIDE (Scottsdale, AZ) - See info under their Tuesday ride for details on their Thursday ride.  Close to 70 riders as of June 2014.

LIFETIME FITNESS RIDE (North Scottsdale, AZ) – Usually in the summers leaves at 5:30 a.m. from the Lifetime at the 101 Freeway / Scottsdale Road and Mayo Blvd.  As of June 2014, about 30 in the group.  1 hour ride that goes up Bell and loops back through DC ranch, up Pima, and East on Pinnacle Peak road.  REVERSE route on Thursdays as compared to Tuesdays.

BIKE RANCH NIGHT RIDE (North Scottsdale, AZ) – Leaves from their shop at 7 p.m. and climbs up Via Linda.  Ride is neutral until about the last mile to the top of Via Linda (they do not go into the neighborhood).  As of June 2014, about 30 riders.  For 2015-double check with the shop for times.



FRIDAY RIDE (Tempe) – starts near mill & university @ 5:30 a.m. Some people connect around 56 th st & camelback for the first of 5 climbs in front of Camelback mountain and then they return to Tempe with a sprint across mill avenue bridge. This ride has been going on for a long time.  Usually 20-40 riders as of June 2014.



BOS (Bicycles of Scottsdale) – Scottsdale, AZ area.  SATURDAY RIDE that goes year round, leaves from Scottsdale Road and Shea (SW corner).  Start time changes about 4 times a year.  Usually 6 a.m. start in the summers – later start in the winter.  Neutral for the first 5 miles and then it turns into a HAMMER FEST.  Usually 30-100 riders depending on the time of year.  This is about a 50 mile ride – heads up to the turn off for Bartlett Lake (North Phoenix), regroups up there, and then heads back (some CAT 1 riders drop into the lake – but probably not a good idea unless you are a CAT 1 and super strong).  Usually a local bike shop will know what time the ride leaves. As of 2015, still a large group!


WEST VALLEY RIDE ( – Goodyear AZ area.  SATURDAY RIDE that goes year round.  A,B, and C group.  2 hour ride with 1 major regroup in the first hour and 1 major regroup in the second hour.  A group is a hammer fest.  Usually 50-100 riders depending on the time of year.  You could do just the first hour and head back to the start if you are not in shape.  If you do both hours, about a 50 mile ride.  Website will have the start times!  Over 100 people as of June 2014!  As of March 2015, still a massive amount of riders!

FASTER Ride (North Scottsdale) – Ride leaves FASTER at various times throughout the year on SATURDAY mornings year round.  A, B, C group.  Call their shop or check their Facebook page for updates on the ride.  The A group does the Tour of Scottsdale route backwards (about a 50 mile A ride and a very fast A ride).

BIKE RANCH Ride (North Scottsdale) –  Ride leaves Bike Ranch bike shop at various times throughout the year on SATURDAY mornings year round.  A, B, C group.  Call their shop or check their Facebook page for updates on the ride start times.  All 3 groups head North towards Cave Creek AZ and then turn around and come back.  A group (hammer fest) goes to the turn off at Bartlett lake.

EXHALE BIKES Ride (North Phoenix)- BULLSHIFTERS SATURDAY RIDE – starts from Exhale Bikes.  Ride start times are approximately 1/2 hour after sunrise. This allows most people to ride to the start location without the need for lights.  The “CaniBulls” are a race pace group that average over 22 mph. The “CapaBulls” are a more moderately paced group that average 20 mph on flat terrain. The CapaBulls regroup at prearranged points on every ride.  Averages about a 50 mile ride, that goes all over the valley.  ( or for details – they also have a Facebook page with info)

FIRST WAVE TRI Ride (North Phoenix) – SATURDAY RIDE that leaves Deems Hills Park (51st avenue and Happy Valley area – Stetson Hills community) as early as 5:30 a.m. during the summer – a tad later in the winter.  98% TT bikes – goes East on Happy Valley – heads North to Sonoran Parkway – East to the end of Sonoran and then Loops back heading West.  Some go into Anthem for a 65 mile ride.  Others head back to the start for a 40 mile ride.  Sit behind the TT bikes on your road bike and try to hold on for dear life! As of March 2015, please check with the team for times and routes.



ATM (around the mountain) – Very South end of Phoenix (goes around the entire South Mountain – 50 miles). SUNDAY RIDE that starts at the corner of Rural Rd. and Warner Road – Exit 1-10 and head East on Warner Rd to find it. Rural Rd is a stop light(5th)). Goes by Firebird raceway (West side of Firebird), out to Riggs road (few miles South of Firebird), and then the riders drop the hammer on Riggs heading West.  Riggs is dead flat and fast – speeds can reach 28 – 35 mph!  There is no B group or C group. You better be in shape if you are going to do this ride as you could get dropped very early into the hammer fest! Riders regroup at the Circle K at Dobbins and Central (and if you got dropped early, riders probably won’t be there when you get there).  After that some go home and some climb South Mountain to suffer some more.   You can call Landis cyclery for details (this is not a Landis ride but they usually know what time it starts-rural and warner location).  PLEASE BE AWARE – YOU ARE RIDING ON RESERVATION LAND.  DIFFERENT LAWS ON RESERVATION LAND – DIFFERENT POLICE – DIFFERENT COURT SYSTEM.  FYI !


GRANADA PARK Ride (Central Phoenix) – A,B, and C ride that happens on SUNDAYS.  Good size group that stops for breakfast.  This ride has been going on for years.  Usually over 50 people show up.  Times change depending on the month of the year.  Check under “ABC Chapters” for details.  LOTS OF OTHER CHAPTERS MEET AT OTHER LOCATIONS  - scan the different chapters for where they leave.  Granada Park has the largest group.  The ABC bike club has been around in Phoenix for about 25 years !!!

BICYCLE VIBE Ride (North Phoenix) – Check their Website or Facebook page for details or call the shop ( This ride is hit and miss.

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER ride = leaves from the JCC at different times (Scottsdale road and Sweetwater area).  Usually 10- 25 guys and gals. Leaves at 8 a.m. in the winter and rotates 4 routes = 9 mile hill, towers, Scottsdale hills, and West.  VOSJCC CYCLING group on Facebook has updates as of April 2014!

AIRPARK BIKES – Leaves their new shop in DC ranch at 8 a.m. in the winters – earlier in the summers.  Call their shop for details.  Usually a pretty good group of 15-30 people.  VERY FAST AS OF FEBRUARY 2015 - CALL AIRPARK or check their Facebook page for updated times that they leave.

FLAT TIRE BIKE SHOP MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE (Cave Creek, AZ) = Call the shop for route and details.  As of June 2014, ride leaves from the shop at 6 a.m.


TURKEYDAYRIDE.COM = 250 people on Thanksgiving!  Starts from Camelback and Central (NE corner) every year.  HUGE RIDE! Make sure to pick up rocks at the base of South Mountain and throw them in your jersey!  Read the history of the ride on the website!

** Usually Eatmore Cheesecake LLC will send an email out for other holiday rides and 100 people will show up so make sure to get on his email list!  =


SOUTH MOUNTAIN (South Phoenix – Dobbins/Central Streets is where you start) – This is a mountain in Phoenix that is paved to the top. There is usually no traffic on the road either.  If you want a great climb, grab your lungs and see how fast you can get up it.  By the way, the record is around 18 minutes.  I can’t even drive my truck up it that fast.  It will take the average cyclist who races about 23-30 minutes to get up.  If you are a casual cyclist, more like 30-50 minutes.  If you can’t get up to the top in less than an hour, take up bowling. SILENT SUNDAYS ARE ONCE A MONTH AND THEY DON’T LET ANY CARS UP SO A GREAT TIME TO RIDE! Check with a cyclist to see what Sunday it is during the month. (or parks and rec)

BARTLETT LAKE (North Scottsdale – Carefree Arizona area) – Take Pima road North for about 20 miles until you come to the Bartlett lake turnoff.  When you make the right turn, there is a ranger station on the left with a drinking fountain but after that there is NO FOOD OR WATER TO THE LAKE AND BACK SO COME PREPARED!  14 miles to the lake.  14 miles back.  Very large rollers – some very steep at the lake area.  Be aware, most casual cyclists do not do this ride.  Most racers do.  If you bonk out there, you are in trouble so bring food / gels just in case.  3 bottles a must in the summer.  Not much traffic but please be careful of the morons towing their boats down to the lake doing 50 mph when they should be doing 30 mph.

9 MILE HILL (North Scottsdale) – Take the 101 freeway to Pima road.  Head North on Pima road for a bit until you come to the stop light Dynamite.  Right on Dynamite (heading East).  When you get to the top of Dynamite, you will know it as you will descend 9 miles into the town of Rio Verde (speeds could reach 40 mph so be careful!).  At the bottom, turn around and climb the 9 miles to the top!  There is a nice bike lane that goes 6 miles up (but fair warning, it ends and then you are without a bike lane for the remaining 3 mile ascent SO BE CAREFUL!).  Start at the stop sign at the bottom – finish at the top where the divided sign is.  I know a cat 1 and a cat 2 that did it in 28 minutes and 26 minutes.  I know a cat 3 guy that I think holds the record at 25 minutes!  Good luck beating that! (good idea to hit the gas station at Alma School and Dynamite for water / snacks / bathroom before you descend and turn around!)

7 SPRINGS / HUMBOLDT (VERY North Scottsdale) – Head north on Pima road for a very long time!  Follow the signs to  Bartlett lake.  When you get to the turn for Bartlett, don’t turn, go straight (heading North).  That is the 7 springs area.  Lots of curves and hills (careful on the turns!)   After about 4 or 5 miles, the road turns to dirt.  Now lets see what kind of cyclist you really are!  Ride the dirt (on your road bike) for about 6 miles!  You see that radio tower in white on top of that mountain?  That is Humboldt.  After about 6 miles on the dirt, look for the small paved road on the right side of the dirt road – a bit hard to find.  Once on it, climb that tiny road to the top.  It’s about 3 miles up and about 27% grade in some parts!  This climb is nuts – they should give you a T shirt or something for completing it! (Fair warning – THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE!  FOOD, GELS, WATER, CELL PHONE, BOX OF DONUTS A MUST!  Try not to do this ride alone!  Bring a camera to prove to your buddies you did it.)

CAVE CREEK ARIZONA (Cave Creek, AZ)  Lots of great neighborhoods to ride around in.  Lots of cyclists on Saturdays ride up towards Cave Creek.  Cute little town too.  If you take Cave Creek road to get there, be careful.  Yes there is a bike lane but the speed limit for cars on Cave Creek road is 50 mph so use caution!  As of September 2012, the city of Cave Creek Arizona is spending about 8 million dollars to put bike lanes in for us to ride on as we go through the town!  Stay tuned!

CANAL PATH - Hate traffic?  There is a bike path that runs along the canal in central Phoenix that has tunnels that go under major intersections so you never have to be in traffic!  It starts around 24th street and Lincoln (1/4 mile South of the Charles Schwab building down by National Bank of Arizona on 24th street) and goes West FOREVER!  When you are about a mile from the i-17 freeway area (which you go under), there is a path that goes North for a few miles but it eventually dead ends – I suggest just keep heading West on the path.  There are even bathrooms along the route.  The path is narrow so if you need to spin the legs out or just want a moderate pace ride with very little pedestrians, this is a great route.  I would not park in the Charles Schwab parking lot as they work on the weekends – maybe National Bank parking lot.  You can also pick it up around 16th street and Glendale – heck you can pick it up just about anywhere depending on where you want to start.  Just look for the water (do a google map and you can see the canal running through the city – google map the 51 freeway and Glendale Road area)!  Oh yea, and stay on the south side of the path – sometimes the North side of the path dead ends.  Ah heck just explore – you’ll figure it out!

PIMA ROAD / DYNAMITE ROAD - Some great mountain bike trails off of Dynamite – just a bit East of Pima road.  If you see cars parked on the side of the road (North side of Dynamite) – that is pretty much where people start.

TRAIL 100  - Awesome trails for hiking or mountain biking that start around the 51 freeway and Squaw Peak Mountain and run all the way West to about 7th street and Thunderbird.

51 FREEWAY PATH - Starts at Union Hills Rd and the 51 freeway – head South all the way through Squaw Peak area (you will have to take 36th street South to Mountain view – then West on Mountain View to connect back to the path) .  Snake your way to Dreamy Draw road – South to the Canal path again – hop on that and you can take it West forever! (well maybe not forever but a long way!)

DIARY QUEEN – What?  It’s a great training location.

SONORAN PARKWAY = NEW IN 2013 = 9 mile stretch of pure heaven.  Take the 101 freeway, exit Cave Creek road and head North a few miles.  Take a left at the stop light “Sonoran Parkway” – right before Dynamite on a map.  THIS ROAD IS AWESOME!  Full of cyclists all the time + mountain bike trails everywhere!

APACHE TRAILHEAD = It is in the middle of Sonoran Parkway – AWESOME MOUNTAIN BIKING OUT THERE!

CROWN KING, AZ = This is the Mount Lemmon of Phoenix!  26 miles to the top on a dirt road and at the top there is Pine trees, a saloon, cabins, etc.  Head North on I-17 past Anthem – past New River.  You will come to a turn off called “Bumble Bee” – exit there and you will drive West.  There is a paved road that turns into dirt after about 1 mile.  Park at the Trailhead on the pavement.  Climb will take you 3-4 hours.  Road is well groomed and some have done it on a road bike but a mountain bike or cross bike is recommended.  Decent is 1.45 – 2.25 hours.  Bring extra water, food, and cash to buy yourself lunch at the top.  There is a town halfway up with a little store as well.  Some ATV’s and Jeeps on the road at times so be careful.  This ride is more fun with a group of people.

SKUNK CREEK PATH = Pick it up on 51st Ave – about 1/4 mile South of the 101.  As of March 2015, if you head West on it, you can almost ride all the way to Cardinal Stadium with zero cars!



Day before Easter and Day after Thanksgiving (“Flight of the pigs”) = ask a cyclist.. but very few cyclists know about it so find the right cyclist!  ;)