Tucson Rides

** These are group rides! No permits, no insurance, you are riding at your own risk! If you crash, no one is picking up your medical bills!



SHOOTOUT (leaves from University of Arizona’s main gate) – SATURDAY ride year round.  B and A group.  B group usually leaves 15 minutes before the A group.  This can be one of the fastest rides in the nation (when domestic pro’s who are in town training show up!)  This ride heads out towards the mines (ride heads South of town, towards Green Valley) and loops back to campus.  Its about a 50 mile ride.  Please be aware that the A group goes about 9 miles at a neutral pace and then they drop the hammer.  Usually only pro’s and cat 1′s can hang on the entire ride.  There is a shortcut to reconnect with the group if you get dropped.  Call “Fairwheel Bike Shop” in town to find out the time the ride starts as they usually know.  This ride swells to around 200-300 people as the November Tour de Tucson gets closer.  AS OF APRIL 1, 2014 – there was about 150 riders in the A group and 60 in the B group.  When they come back into town heading North back to campus, a lot of the A riders (out by Sahuarita, AZ area) go up Helmet Peak road (good 8 mile climb) and come back the way they came on Mission road.  They keep a steady pace up Helmet – not a hammer fest though like the beginning of the ride.


TUESDAY U OF A RIDE (also leaves from University of Arizona’s main gate) -TUESDAY morning ride that goes year round.  Usually the same guys that do the shootout and shorter than the shootout since people have to go to work.  Maybe a 2 hour ride.  Usually a decent group.  Times vary so ask a local shop.


MOUNT LEMMON – (Northeast Tucson).  If Tucson is 100 degrees in town, Mount Lemmon is probably 70-75 degrees at the top.  This is close to a 30 mile climb and one of the best climbs in the nation.  Probably will take you about 3 hours if you are in good shape.  If you are not in good shape, the good news is when you can’t go any further, it’s all downhill back to your car).  There is a great pizza place and homemade cookie shop at the top so bring some cash!


Mountain Bike rides (ask a Tucson bike shop for directions):

Golder Ranch Road (Out on North Oracle Road)

Catalina State Park (Out on North Oracle Road)

Chiva Falls (East Tucson – Reddington pass area – mountain bike out to a hidden waterfall during certain times of the year)

Starpass (West Side of town)

Fantasy Island (ask a Tucson bike shop about this one! – man made course!)

Mount Lemmon (lots of trails up there – just be aware, whatever you mountain bike down, you eventually have to come back up!)