Want to know more about our sponsors?  Here you go!  Please support them as they support you !!!

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Listen, closely!  This is THE LARGEST LAW FIRM IN THE WORLD!  Mark Nadeau, UC rider, lead sponsor of the sanctioned “2012, 2013, and 2014 Not so Underground Crit”, and sponsor of many other things cycling, has a fantastic group of attorneys located in the Esplanade at 24th and Camelback.  Everytime I call Mark, he is in New York, China, Dubai, New Zealand, I mean this guy is all over the world doing litigation!  But everytime he is in Phoenix, guess where he is at on Tuesday nights!  He specializes in very large cases involving some very large litigation but has a team of attorneys that specialize in other fields if your case is a tad smaller.  So if you ever run into something big where you need a big gun representing you, Mark is your guy!  (or if you just want to ask him some questions about a litigation matter, call him!)  By the way, if you trip on a rock and hurt your pinky toe and want to sue someone, uh… yea don’t call Mark or else I gave him permission to call you “that guy”.  http://www.dlapiper.com/mark_nadeau/



First of all, you need to capitalize FASTER every time you use it when you write something.  Second of all, have you seen all the wins in the 40+ in 2011-2013 by a guy named “James Kramer”?  Yea, that would be the owner of this place.  In 2014 his masters team is crushing it!  James puts out over 1800 watts on his sprint and is a UC rider ?!?  FASTER is located over by West World in North Scottsdale.   He is an avid UC rider and very involved in AZ cycling and the community!  This is more of a performance center than a bike shop.  FASTER HAS A WIND TUNNEL! It is the only dedicated wind tunnel specifically for cycling in the world!  Need some recovery boots, hot/cold tubs for recovery, or a 6000.00 dollar Cervelo that my wife would kill me if I bought? Go see the boys at FASTER !! www.Ride-Faster.com



No, I don’t own the steak house.   www.FlemingWealthStrategies.com.  By the way, I am willing to sit down with any cyclist and give them a free consultation no matter how big or small your financial situation is. Taxes, estate planning, running retirement numbers, disability and life insurance, long term care, titling of assets, investments, charitable giving, … as a Certified Financial Planner, let me be a sounding board for you at no cost.  Or just come into my office and we will go to lunch at Paradise bakery and eat cookies together.



Greg Barrett is a 50/60+ racer (on the podium a lot!) and a Underground Crit rider.  He is the Senior Relationship manager for Alerus Bank – this is a small bank here in Phoenix located on the NE corner of Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale road.  The bank is headquartered in North Dakota and they are trying to branch into the Phoenix Markets.  If you are a business owner, you know the large banks don’t loan money out and don’t help you much.  Alerus bank would like your business and Greg can help you with lines of credit, merchant services, commercial real estate and equipment financing, cash management, vehicle financing, and all other sorts of good stuff.  More and more people are going to these strong community banks – because they are nice to you, you aren’t just a number, and they can help you grow your small to medium size business.  Call Greg today at 480-905-2419 and visit www.alerusfinancial.com !



Troon is the largest 3rd party golf course management company in the world, but they started from and are based right here in the Valley. They manage 15 of the best courses in Phoenix, 4 in Tucson and even a private club in each Flag and Show Low. But the coolest part is they are a fitness minded company, they support cycling, have like 10 guys that cycle regularly and are big supporters of the UC. So, if you plan to go play golf, think of Troon and if you want a deal, email them and they will knock 20% off their Troon Card just for liking Troon Golf and the UC on Facebook. Ride Your Bike and Play More Golf! Email Ryan Walls = rwalls@troongolf.com (Ryan broke his collarbone in the cat 5 race at the UC in Jan. 2014 – make sure to ask him to show you a picture of the X-ray!)

www.troongolf.com  www.trooncard.com