The UC started back in April 2011 with an email that was sent out to see if some friends wanted to ride around in circles at the SE corner of 7th Street and Deer Valley (vacant land but the streets were in – nice safe place to ride with no cars).  17 people showed up on a Wednesday night.  All 17 agreed it was a good ride and wanted to do it the following week but the riders agreed to change it to a Tuesday night ride.


4 years later (As of April 2014), it is still going.  It may come to an end one day but for now, come on out and have some fun with us.  Not only is it a great ride, but its a great way to meet so many different people that truly enjoy the sport of cycling.


In the cooler months, we have around 100-130 riders.  Even when its 115 degrees out, there still is 75-90 insane riders that show up.  THESE ARE CITY STREETS!  The city has been met with and knows we are out there and so do the police.  We actually have a couple police officers that ride with us.  I think both parties are happy to see us exercising plus staying out of the way of cars.  PLEASE STAY OFF THE DIRT! The dirt is private land and we are not allowed to be on it.  We have spoken to the owners several times as well.